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Vrogum Windows: Traditional, Durable Nordic Pine Windows and Doors

Vrogum-Svarre are a relatively small window manufacturer, based on the west coast of Denmark. They differ from many modern factories by their philosophy of maintaining more traditional Danish craftsmen techniques. If you were to visit the factory, you would see a much more personal atmosphere – where everyone from every department seems to know everyone else in the company.

Many Cotswold residents may remember Alan Godstone, based in Brailles, who has now retired. We have now stepped in and are happy to say that we offer Vrogum’s entire product range in the UK – either supply and fit, or simply supply-only. We regularly are contacted by customers (some of whom bought Vrogum windows from Alan over 30 years ago). Quite incredibly, we have yet to find a customer who has had to repaint them. In fact, we were contacted by the Trelawn estate manager who purchased the windows over 20 years ago and is only now going to give the top paint coat a refresh. Excellent timber engineering, light colours, windows installed in locations which are not considered sun traps all help. But particularly, the non-oil-based paint and critically the dense softwood (at least 450kg/m^3, averaging at 500) with no knots are the ingredients of a durable softwood window which, when inspected annually and regularly maintained, really can be products that last for decades.

Sliding Sash Windows Hamburg
Sliding Sash Windows UK

In the UK, most people’s experience of softwood windows is of a product that lasts under 10 years. This is usually due to poor quality engineering in manufacturing, low grade timber, oil-based paints and timber which contains knots on the face. None of these faults can be found in Vrogum’s windows.

Vrogum produces the finest quality wooden windows which, if carefully maintained, have a significantly long life-span. They use a high-density timber, in the form of slow-grown Nordic pine, and German water-based paints from Teknos. It’s really important to avoid oil-based paints on timber windows: these paints trap moisture in the timber, and result in the sadly common sight in the UK of timber windows visibly degrading after a worryingly short amount of time.

All of Vrogum’s units are bespoke to your project.

Rosenholm windows in a tudor stone building with glazingbars
Vrogum Rosenholm Top guided over Side hung windows in Grey

Vrogum Classic

The “Classic” range forms the most popular segment of Vrogum’s options. These are casement windows and doors, made from slow-grown Nordic pine from sustainable FSC forestry.

All of the options within the Classic range are designed to work together. So, when combining outward-opening windows with entrance doors, sliding doors or tilt-turns, you can be sure that the result will have a consistent style. High performance secondary glazing options are also on offer here: even Vrogum’s secondary glazing has Class 4 airtightness and an argon-filled double glazing unit.

Compared to most other Danish options, Vrogum’s sightlines are noticeably slimmer and arguably more traditionally British. In a similar fashion, the internal glazing bead means that the exterior lines of the window are clean and flush.

Vrogum windows in a Tudor Style home
Brown Vrogum Rosenholm side hung windows

Vrogum Solborg

Sliding sash windows from Vrogum are equally high-performing. Solborg is the only product we’ve come across that achieves Class 4 airtightness thanks to the inclusion of proper rubber seal (sliding sashes normally use brush “seals”). The sliding part also physically separates itself away from the seal when it’s moving, so the rubber won’t wear down over time.

The same high density Nordic pine is used on the Solborg, and this helps the Uw reach 1.4W/m^2k with double glazing.

Like most modern sliders, these are spring-balanced rather than using large boxes and weights.

Sliding Sash Bay Windows
Sliding Sash Timber Windows Interior

Vrogum Svarre

Whilst Classic and Solborg are both designed with a traditional appearance, the Svarre is Vrogum’s ultra-modern option. Whilst the majority of the frame is Nordic pine timber, the exterior face is something rather special.

The exterior is entirely glass: obviously the glass unit in the middle is glazed as normal, but then the outer toughened pane extends over the timber frame. This creates a completely flush exterior. Partly, this allows for very easy cleaning, but this mostly just creates a stunning and unique aesthetic to any home.

All Svarre windows are triple glazed with a toughened outer pane as standard. As a result, the Uw values around 0.8 are possible.

All Glass Windows
Top Hung Flush Windows

Should You Use Vrogum?

If you’re looking for a timber window system to renovate you’re home, Vrogum is a fantastic place consider. We’ve come across multiple homes in the UK where Vrogum windows have been installed many years ago, and every customer is incredibly complimentary about them. We also came across a interesting story where a burglar tried and failed to get through a Solborg window before judging that the roof to be an easier route in…so the Danish security is certainly up-to-scratch!

Our experienced installers and carpenters always provide very positive feedback when they work with Vrogum products and, to be honest, they arguably know more than us when it comes to judging the quality of a timber window.

So, the exceptional reputation Vrogum have gained in Denmark has certainly transferred over to Britain.

The Svarre product is obviously very different from the rest of the range, and we’ll freely admit that its very modern appearance doesn’t necessarily work with every property. Ultimately, we have a variety of photos of previous projects to look through where Svarre has fitted in perfectly, so we hope they suitably convey the style.

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Glazed House Apex Scandinavian Windows

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