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Sunflex Sliding Doors

The aluminium sliding doors from Sunflex offer many configuration choices, many optional accessories, and all have their origin in German design and engineering. Well-established with over 30 years of experience, Sunflex are approved by ‘secure by design’ and are suitable for both new-build projects and renovations.

The most popular sliding door product for us is the SVG83. This is available in two, three or four sections, with double or triple glazing and threshold options to suit a variety of floor levels.

If you are looking for a slimmer frame profile, the SVG30 has the same benefits as the 83, but makes use of a slim 30mm wide vertical join between panels.

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  • Sunflex is an especially useful manufacturer for us, as they are able to produce a huge variety of configurations and sizes compared to many other factories. Individual panels can be up to three metres wide, and a whole system can span 20 metres.

    As we all know, using metals such as aluminium as an insulating material is not the most sensible idea as it is very close to the top of the wrong end of a thermal conductivity table. However, most people agree that it looks fantastic as a window frame – which presents a choice that almost always results in a compromise being made. Luckily, the engineering behind the Sunflex sliding door system has produced a great result. A well-designed composite thermal break within the frame helps the system to reach U values as low as 1.4 – which is excellent for an aluminium sliding door.

    Of course, actions speak louder than statistics. Sunflex truly understands the importance of insulation: one of its configuration rules is that there must be a chosen sliding direction. Having all panels sliding whichever way you choose sounds fantastic, but it ultimately spoils the weather rating. The importance of having at least one fixed panel in each unit to preserve good weather-tightness is overlooked by many other manufacturers.

    Security-wise, an approved ‘secure by design’ status is quite rare to come across. A multi-point (five-bolt) lock naturally provides excellent security. Internally glazed units as standard prevent the glass being easily removed from the outside and anti-lift blocks prevent the panels being levered from the tracks – making old security concerns with sliding doors a thing of the past.

    Toughened glass units are used as standard, but we can upgrade to laminated security glass, which then achieves PAS24 (the requirement for the latest document Q building regulations).

    The maximum possible panel width is three metres, and the height can be 3.2 metres, but not both together as it is also weight-dependant. If you want to know if your preferred size is possible, please contact us directly by calling 01608 684 607. In general, we advise that you do not go beyond 2.5 metres in both width and height.

    Colour-coded handles are provided as standard, but can be upgraded to stainless steel for a more modern and sleek appearance. Lift-and-slide handles are also colour-coded.

    For lift-and-slide doors, the main sliding panel can be prevented from moving when open – the panel drops down into the threshold, creating much greater resistance. The outer frame will be slightly thicker to accommodate the mechanism, but the slim 30mm vertical join on the SVG30 will not be changed.

    To discover more about Sunflex Sliding Doors, call us on 01608 684 607 to discuss your requirements.

  • ProductSVG30SVG83
    Lead time6 weeks from sign off6 weeks from sign off
    MaintenanceLow MaintenanceLow Maintenance
    Best U-Value1.4 W/m^2k
    1.4 W/m^2k
    FinishesRAL 9011, 7016, 7015 as standard. Other Non-standard RAL colours available.RAL 9011, 7016, 7015 as standard. Other Non-standard RAL colours available.
    GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, ToughenedDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, Toughened
    AirtightnessClass 3Class 3
    Water TightnessClass 7aClass 7a
    SecuritySecure By Design ApprovedSecure By Design Approved
    Max Sizes0.8-3m per panel
    2.8m height
    250kg max panel weight
    0.8-3m per panel
    3.2m height
    250kg max panel weight
    Country of FabricationUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom

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